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Digital Marketing has proven to be one of the most powerful ways of marketing a business especially when it comes to targeting a specific group of audience in a larger scale. Because digital world, with the presence of internet, television and social media, is enjoying the most number of user engagements and activity.

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Before going into the 8 biggest digital marketing trends in 2015, let us first find out what is digital marketing. Digital marketing is something that makes use of electronic devices such as computers, cell phones, smart phones, game consoles and tablets to connect with stakeholders. Having known what digital marketing is, let us now go

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Now, you may find the song lyrics with links to Google Play!! Google’s enhanced knowledge graph with direct answers now peeps out with special song lyrics box for the lyrics queries in the search results. Now you can see songs lines with lyrics websites as the answers for song searches in Google search results.

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Recently, The Microsoft team turned Smart phones and Webcam devices into 3D DEPTH Sensing camera with a very few hardware adjustments that completely throws away the job of Kinect. The team described the method of removing the infrared filter that is used to block unwanted light effects emitted from the photographs by attaching a small

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