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Last updated on December 3rd, 2019 at 06:44 am


As you know over the past few years there was a tremendous explosion of web-enabled devices. And it has led to the emerging invasions in the smart devices with varying resolutions, pixel densities, form factors and capabilities. Below you will get to know what are the latest web designing tools have came into emergence over the past few years and what are in current trend!! This is just a beginning and further we will see people visiting websites with different other devices in the coming years.

Though there are lots of complexities in the web designing field, there are some clever, downright innovative tools that help in making a huge task to a simple one. Let’s look on to the latest responsive resources and some latest web designing tools that have emerged in the world of web.

# Foundation by ZURB:
It is told to be the “most advanced frontend framework that is more responsive”. Now, it is built especially for mobile devices and it follows progressive enhancement strategy in increasing the device capabilities. It also supports in better prototyping of images with any UI interface.

# Jetstrap:
Jetstrap is a visual interface building tool created for the Bootstrap framework. Now, designers can assemble prototypes in a faster way by just dragging and dropping User-Interface components onto the canvas. It is very easy to use and does not require any frontend development skills.

# Pears:
It is an open source WordPress theme guide that helps you to create your own frontend styles. It provides a better work flow, easier testing and serves as a useful reference.

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# Dreamweaver CS6:
This overcomes all the difficulties of the previous version and it provides the best solutions with new features. This latest Adobe’s update is very handy in providing improvements in fluid layouts and PhoneGap support giving it a big hit.

# Icomoon:
This tool helps in creating and deploying custom icon fonts very easily. They provide resolution-independent experience for Retina and for other high resolution displays.

# Pro:
It is extremely an easy tool for demonstrating the responsive patters faster. It is built in with popular goodies like Sass, JavaScript libraries and much more. You can even view the result of the coding in different computer devices as soon as you type. It is an amazing tool with exciting features to see the result in action instantly.

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