The 6 Biggest Digital Marketing Trends In 2015

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Digital Marketing Trends 2015

Before going into the 6 biggest digital marketing trends in 2015, let us first find out what is digital marketing. Digital marketing is something that makes use of electronic devices such as computers, cell phones, smart phones, game consoles and tablets to connect with stakeholders.

Having known what digital marketing is, let us now go on to the 8 biggest digital marketing trends in 2015.

1. Unique and outstanding content

As in previous years unique and outstanding content retains the top position. Site owners with such type of content will win the race. The response of the consumer to original content is rather surprising when compared to duplicate and outdated content. For example: the video titled “Your wishes delivered: Driver for a day” generated more than 1 million views per week.

2. Recommendation of appropriate content

Even if one creates unique and outstanding content, site owners still struggle of connecting audiences with the appropriate content. Site personalization techniques are used for a long time in channelizing the consumers to the relevant sites. For example

  • idio
  • Demandbase
  • Evergage

3. Content Distribution Services

The next trend is content distribution services. This includes both paid and organic way of distribution. Paid includes sharing via social networks like Facebook, Tumblr, Digg etc

4. SEO and Social Media Management

Although Search Engine Otimization is still an unachievable goal, social media management is a good way to go.

5. Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing although doesn’t beat the above trends; it is still an effective one to pursue as mobile users are increasing day by day. Two years before mobile marketing was on the increase, but now died down.

6. Web Analytics

Web analytics is a good way of tracking visitors to a site. It shows the number of visitors, their source and the individual page they visit. Example: Google Analytics is a free, but powerful tool.


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