Well, friends, you have a great eCommerce store running. But are you worried that you are not earning enough income through your online store? Well, that means you should know the latest ecommerce trends and strategies that would get you more online shoppers and sales.

And that is why Zuan Education is organizing a 2-Day Workshop on the theme, “Build and Market your eCommerce Website from Scratch”.

Moreover, you would agree that your knowledge of the way to do ecommerce business has to be updated regularly. Therefore, Zuan is ready to answer all your business related queries in the 2-Day Workshop.

Importance of Upgrading your Knowledge in eCommerce

As you would agree, online stores and ecommerce businesses have become very popular today. The number of online shoppers has crossed 120 million in 2018. And it will keep increasing in the coming years.

Furthermore, the worldwide revenue of ecommerce amounts to 2290 billion USD. Significantly, it is expected to grow to 4479 billion USD by the year 2021.

So how will you attract more people to come to your ecommerce stores? How to make them do online shopping from your ecommerce store?

What is in Offer for You in the 2-Day Workshop?

The workshop will emphasize and practically demonstrate to you the latest ecommerce trends. What are those trends and strategies that you will learn?

Voice Shopping

Voice search is fastly becoming an important way to do ecommerce shopping. Do you know, 58% of people do voice search to know about a local business? And this number is expected to grow to 50% by 2020.

You are living in a world of voice assistants. Significantly, voice shopping is expected to jump to $40 billion by 2022.

So the workshop will teach you how to integrate voice search, as one of the latest ecommerce trends for your online shopping website.

Augmented Reality Advantages

Do you know, 54% of customers prefer visiting brick and mortar stores as they can’t fully visualize products in online stores. Therefore, augmented reality helps your customers to view products the way they want through customization.

Therefore, this workshop will practically teach you how to include augmented reality in your ecommerce store in order to create a better user experience. This also adds up to providing advanced customer services.

Mobile Commerce

Online retailers confirm that mobile transactions keep increasing every year. Especially, Millennials tend to do shopping from their mobile devices.

Therefore, this workshop will practically teach you how to create an ecommerce website that is mobile responsive.

Artificial Intelligence Trends among the Latest eCommerce Trends

You would agree that your ecommerce store needs automation and personalization. And for this, customer segmentation and identification of patterns based on customer’s browsing history is very essential.

Furthermore, to tackle such issues intelligent algorithms play an important role. With this in mind, the workshop will guide you on enhancing your ecommerce store with machine learning and artificial intelligence powered tools.

Other Vital Issues in Latest eCommerce Trends Covered in the Workshop

Your ecommerce store has to play great in adding more revenue to you. With this intention, other latest ecommerce trends that will be covered in the workshop are,

  • Difference between a physical store and an online store
  • How to come up with “products recommended” feature
  • Various ecommerce platforms
  • Social media platforms
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Personalization techniques
  • Influencer marketing
  • Targeting existing customers
  • Conversion rates
  • Icons
  • Video demonstrations
  • User testimonials and their photos
  • Offering discounts
  • Showcasing top selling items
  • Focussing on holidays
  • Payment options
  • Providing consistent and unique content
  • Optimizing shopping cart functionality
  • Building e-mail lists
  • Improving social media strategy
  • Advertising strategies
  • Implementing user generated content and much more.


This workshop is a one time best opportunity to learn how to increase your sales through your ecommerce store. Reach Zuan Education through the following details to Think Big and Earn More!

Zuan Education,

New No.61, 2nd Floor, Arcot Road,

Kodambakkam, Chennai.


+91 9025 500 600

044- 43 53 4999.

Workshop Venue: Zuan Education, Kodambakkam, Chennai

Date & Time: April 27 & 28, 2019 (Sat & Sun); 10:00 AM – 05:00 PM.


2-Day Workshop: Latest ECommerce Trends And Strategies To Boost Online Sales