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Why Should You Learn Email Marketing?

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Last updated on August 20th, 2021 at 05:45 pm

Email Marketing is an essential part of any business, especially for marketers. As social media evolved in popularity, many marketers began to question the future value of email marketing. Those ideas, yet, quickly declined as marketers noticed the return on investment (ROI) of email remain to be the greatest amongst all marketing channels. In this article, we are going to explain about email marketing, why should you learn email marketing, benefits, and advantages of email marketing.  

What is Email Marketing & Benefits of Using It?

Email Marketing is a kind of direct marketing that includes businesses and companies sending promotional messages through email to a group of prospects & consumers. It is widely utilized as an efficient and cost-effective strategy for new consumer acquisition, building brand awareness, and improving product sales, and nurturing trust & loyalty with an organization’s consumer base.

Although, the role of email for digital marketers is proceeding to grow stronger, notwithstanding the increasing popularity of social networks & text messages. Moreover, this is exhibited in global benchmarking research shown in the report, (Email Marketing & Marketing Automation Excellence 2017):

  • Related to other digital marketing channels, email is the most popular & top rated by all marketers, with 53.6% of respondents rating it as a great or excellent method. SMM (Social media marketing) and SEO (search engine optimization) are rated second and third by marketers, sequentially, with best or great ratings of 50.9% and 45%.
  • Besides, 58% of the organizations surveyed stated that they are intending to improve their email marketing budget, whereas only 7.5% are preparing to reduce their budgets.

Why is Email Marketing Important?

Email Marketing is essential for so many reasons. For instance, it is crucial because it is highly adaptable. Therefore, you can make the emails that you send to develop & promote your business so that they accommodate any requirement that you may have. Besides, you can target various social groups & adapt the content respectively. As the business world is continually changing, you have to be prepared to respond instantly to any changes that the marketing experts started.

Besides, another reason why this type of marketing is necessary for any business and should not be neglected and forgotten is that it is quite inexpensive. You can include it into any kind of marketing plan that your business may have, without having any extra charges. Hence, building profit, without spending any money, is something that every serious business will surely take into consideration.

Career Scope of Email Marketing:

However, the present market scenario of Email Marketing jobs & salary is providing importance to the employment of more human resource that serves for the marketing department. Besides, it strives to provide the outbound communication for the organization and generate leads. Although there is scope for automated Emails, a manual personnel is needed for every company to make customized Emails according to the occasion & customers.

In many job portals like Naukri, Indeed, there are a lot of jobs available today. This is evident quite to confirm the fact that Email Marketing is presently growing. Besides, the statistics from Indeed.com and Naukri.com exhibit an availability of more than 8000 and 50,000 job opportunities, sequentially. Therefore, this makes the profile to be one of the highly demanded job profile.

Now, let us check the average email marketing jobs salary. According to payscale.com report, a digital marketer with email marketing skills gains an average salary of Rs 468,762 per annum. Additionally, a great experience in this field strongly influences pay for this job.

email marketing salary in india

The Way of Learning Email Marketing

One of the best things about self-learning is that you will have an opportunity to find and learn email marketing from different sources. In the end, you will have a comprehensive aspect of email marketing. Hence, it will take your time to study stuff out, and you might be engaged and get to learn more.

Here we listed below the useful resources to learn email marketing

  • HubSpot
  • Udemy
  • Unbounce
  • Content Marketing Institute
  • MarketMotive

Whether you are not well in self-learning or want to learn email marketing from the expert who has a great experience in the industry, you can request any digital marketing course to attend email marketing course with one-on-one coaching.

4 thoughts on “Why Should You Learn Email Marketing?

  • Ankurd

    Some advantages to using bulk email marketing are:

    Email Marketing Affordable: This is cheapest way of marketing. Email Marketing is new way of direct marketing without any individual to go at customer end. A Creative / e Mailer / Flyer will go to customers/prospects Inbox.
    Email Marketing is immediate and fast: Anyone can use the service for sending proposal, email newsletters, promotions, and announcements etc within few hours or minutes
    Email Marketing is effective: You have to reach a target market, you may choose to use your existing data or purchase new data, Emaier is salesmen of your business.
    Email Marketing is measurable: You can measure the results in terms how may emails were ‘Opened’, how many clicked on particular link given in the mailer. Best Way to generate business leads
    Generate traffic on Website.Measure your website traffic through UTM code on e mailer’s links.

  • Nirmal kaur

    Thanks for the blog, but I dont
    know how to collect target customers
    email ids?

  • selva

    Your blogs have great source of information for the beginners and if we talk about email marketing than it has a great scope out there and yes many experts recommend email marketing as it’s very cost effective and helps us to target our audience with greater ease.

  • soundarya

    Yes as you said, Email marketing is important for building relationships with prospects, leads, current customers, and even past customers. Thanks for the post, really interesting.

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