Digital marketing is a fast-paced and ever-evolving industry. With new trends popping up all the time, these fascinating digital marketing facts will help you to understand the future of marketing more thoroughly.

Digital marketing keeps changing at an alarming rate. Most businesses find it challenging to stay up-to-date with the latest trends. That’s why the demand for digital marketer’s roles is always high. 

“Marketing’s job is never done. It’s about perpetual motion. We must continue to innovate every day.”

— Beth Comstock, Former CMO & Vice-Chair, GE.


30 Second Summary 


  • Google records 96% of all smartphone search traffic and 94% total organic traffic.
  • Infographics are shared on social media more than other types of content.
  • Global mobile ad expenses are set to reach $247.4 billion.
  • 84% of people look for brands to create content.
  • The average yield for email marketing is $44.25.
  • Blogs with videos are able to increase organic searches by 157%.
  • A video is shared 1,200% more than both links and text together.
  • 41% of people click into the top three paid ads on the search results page.


Most businesses opt for digital marketing over other traditional strategies. To maximize scope, companies hire digital marketing professionals to market their products and services on the internet. 

There are many advantages in digital marketing over traditional which makes this strategy more productive and economical.

Here, we have listed down the 10 Fascinating facts about the Future of Digital Marketing. Digital presence is one of the most important factors to future proof any business online.

Understand these facts and plan your strategies to become a successful digital marketer. 


1. Combine videos with full-page ads to increase engagement at a high percentage

“It’s much easier to double your business by doubling your conversion rate than by doubling your traffic.” Jeff Eisenberg

Text-based advertisements are popular but it’s not very effective in capturing attention. People find video-based content much more attractive than other types of content. 

Combining video content with text can help people to understand what companies try to communicate better. Most consumers could retain information on brands by watching videos than reading a text. 


2. At least 64% of users click into Google Ad while making purchases online

PPC ads can drive instant results for businesses in digital marketing. The marketers must understand that most consumers tend to buy products from Google Ads. 

You can generate more potential leads and convert high revenue using these Google Ads.  

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3. Almost every online interaction begin with search engines 

Investing your time in search engine optimization is one of the best practices for digital marketers. Reports predict that 93% of online engagements start with search engines. 

As a digital marketer, it’s important to rank your company high on Google and other search engines. Which is one of the best advertising strategies available in the digital marketing field.


4. A high percentage of consumers don’t encourage pop-up ads

Studies report that at least 73% of consumers close or ignore pop-up ads. They always find pop-up ads very annoying and disruptive as they tend to be more promotional. 

The future of digital marketing doesn’t hold this popular trend anymore. As businesses have realized this fact will no longer boost engagement.

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5. Social media is the future of digital marketing 

Always provide value. Value builds trust. Once you have that trust, you have the ability to do some selling.

— HubSpot

According to statistics, streaming video content and engaging in social media are popular among consumers. 

Online users tend to watch about 500 million hours of videos online every day. You can incorporate these two channels in your online advertising strategies to reach a wider base.

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6. For every dollar spent on Google Ads, businesses can make more than 2 dollars in revenue

It’s hard to find things that won’t sell online.

— Jeff Bezos

Return on investment is one of the ideal factors in every digital marketing strategy. Google Ads delivered through search engines are highly capable of generating more fantastic revenue for businesses. 

You can’t ignore this fact and definitely, it’s an important fact in the future of digital marketing. Most companies use these ads to double up their revenues successfully.

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7. At least half of Internet users take actions after viewing a video ad

Brands that have not implemented using video as part of their digital marketing strategy will miss huge opportunities to make sales. 

Most digital marketers agree that Video is more attractive than any other type of content. On average, 46% of consumers are ready to take action after watching a video advertisement. 


8. Facebook will remain popular for B2C and B2B marketing

Facebook has several millions of active users all around the world. This social media platform helps businesses to create relevant ads. To target a specific audience demographic more significantly. 

Therefore, Facebook remains one of the most popular social media trends in B2C and B2B brand marketing.


9. Most consumers find native ads as articles

The digital marketplace includes different types of advertisements for users. Consumers have got used to these types of ads, and some have lost their trust in them. 

In order to attract customers who don’t like promotional advertising like pop-up ads. You can publish ad content in the form of informative articles. This helps businesses to capture consumer’s attention easily.

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10. Digital marketing requires prudent budgeting 

Digital marketing is not just about creating a website, digital ads, and marketing campaigns. The future of digital marketing holds beyond our expectations. Build a good social media profile as the level of competition for digital marketers is very high. 

To survive this competition, digital marketers must have good budgeting skills. Equip yourself with the best minds and more resources to keep up-to-date with trends. 


Bottom Line 

The Digital Marketing spectrum is broader, as it remains to be the most powerful way of selling in the future. However, the dynamics of Digital Marketing keep changing with new trends every day. A digital marketer must be agile, and adaptable to the latest changes in the marketplace.

Today’s and tomorrow’s Digital Marketers must be able to predict developments. Which can help them to introduce these trends faster to make the most from them.

“Take a risk and keep testing, because what works today won’t work tomorrow, but what worked yesterday may work again.” – Chet Holmes

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