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6 Marketing Skills to Fuel your Job Resume

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Last updated on February 28th, 2018 at 12:31 pm


The field of Digital Marketing moves too quickly, and the demand for Digital Marketers are getting raised every day. As the competition is getting touch, it is about what kind of skills you have gained to survive in today’s landscape. What kind of skills could capture employer’s attention? What can set yourself apart from the rest?

Here are 6 marketing skills to fuel your CV for your upcoming job.

# Mastering in Industry Tools:

Companies are looking for marketers who excel in usage of industry tools which are actually been used as weapons to conquer the web world. Here are some tools that could help you brush up your marketing skills:

Productivity Tools:-

Having a healthy knowledge in increasing productivity at work would be the first priority for a marketer to stay active and efficient. Tools like evernote, Google alerts, IFTTT and others can increase your productivity.

Social Media Marketing Tools:-

As you know, social media management can be easier with the right usage of tools that help you measure the effectiveness of your campaigns. Hootsuite, Buffer, and in-built analytics tools of popular social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, LinkedIn.

SEO Tools:-

Some tools may help you target with right and relevant keywords that could help you measure the link building efforts. Tools like keyword planner, ahrefs, open site explorer, backlink watch helps you do it better.

# Content Marketing:

Content is a never escaping concept in current marketing landscape. Brands are realizing its innumerable value and are producing various streams of content marketing techniques to attract audiences. Pushing your thoughts through blogs and share your content mastermind to pool of readers.

# Mobile Marketing:

Smart phone usage is already on the rise and is a powerful tool to grasp the attention of audience. Stats shows 60% of mobile consumers use their Smartphone as primary medium to access internet and almost half of the ecommerce traffic are driven from mobile devices. So having right stuff in mobile marketing can attract your employer better.

# Email Marketing:

Though email marketing isn’t a new stuff, it can still remain as one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your website and work as a good medium to market your product or service. Brands are influencing audience with regular newsletters, new updates and case studies that help them delight, retain, and even grow their subscribers list overtime. Having good knowledge in A/B testing, open rates, bounce rates, email lead nurturing will boost your resume with enough honour.

# Paid Social Media Advertising:

In the age of fake promotions and engagements, there is a hefty competition to get into a good place in the social arena. Businesses have already realized that paid opportunities are the best and quickest thing to move ahead. So, how to get into the eyes of employer? Make sure to experiment with paid campaigns with your own blog/website and start mini-campaigns where you can test with a relatively cheaper investment in order to make you familiar with the concepts. Paid social media advertising skill would definitely look like a stellar to your marketing skills list.

# Data Visualisation

Statistics always speaks! Keeping up-to-date knowledge with data insights and statistics are the key to target and draw audience attention. It is not always possible to sleep with spreadsheets and documents to stay relevant! Hence, data visualization is in great demand it helps you reformat valuable insightful data into charts, infographics and charts to make the data easier to digest. Having knowledge in data-driven content will always keep you in high demand, so be sure to make a note of it in your marketing resume.

What other marketing skills do you think will offer you major plus points in your resume? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Toshat

    I read your blog, great. I addon to the skills which you have added in blog
    Exceptional communication skills
    Creativity and imagination
    Interpersonal skills
    Influencer abilities
    Business savvy
    Analytic skills and numeracy

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