Getting a best digital marketing certification is one of the best ways for a marketer to stand out and improve their career opportunities.

Earning a certification is not a replacement for experience or a free ticket to a higher salary or a better job but it is surely a way to show your potential employer that you are dedicated to continuous learning and improving yourself.

Although there are various professional certifications of varying degree all are not considered equal but there are few certifications that the employers find it most desirable and here are few of them.

Search Engine Marketing

These are some of the few digital marketing certifications that you can get. They imply that you are aware of the basics of online advertising, especially Pay Per Click advertising.

Adwords:  Of all the Search Engine Marketing Certifications, Google Adwords Certification is considered as one of the best as well as popular. Out of the 3 online searches, 2 are happening in Google and hence most of the companies dedicate most of the SEM resources to that search engine. Google certification is free and it will help you to gain proficiency in most of the online marketing products from Google.

Bing and Yahoo Ads Training and Accreditation: Bing and Yahoo make up most of the rest of online searches after Google and these two shares a connected SEM platform under the Yahoo Bing Network. Most of its topics are similar to Google Adwords Certification and therefore it is less important than Adwords Certification. But if you are learning advanced SEM and PPC this is a value-added advantage and like Adwords Certification this is also free.

Project Management

Project Management Professional: A certificate issued by the Project Management Institute is considered as one of the big PMP certification recognized by most of the employers. It is considered a good certification for both the dedicated marketing project managers and anyone in the management position in general. Although it’s pricey it is worth the investment as it is considered as an asset for your career.


Google Analytics: This will enable you to enter the world of general data and web analytics. This training teaches you the basic principles of analytics and how to use Google analytics and other web tools in general. As Adwords certification this is also free and a great addition to any marketing resume.

Adobe Digital Analyst Certification: This certification is considered as one of the industry standards for marketing analysts of all caste and creed. Adobe also offers virtual training for online courses. Although it is a smart financial investment (Starting at $3600) it should be considered by persons willing to pursue their career in advanced analytics.


The Big Three: As of today the key players in marketing automation certifications are Marketo, Hubspot, and Eloqua. Each of these companies offers certifications in their respective products as well as inbound, digital automation and analytics strategies. Although each one of these has its own advantages and differences, overall all the three offers similar certifications.

While some certifications are free some others are expensive but you don’t have to pay for it all the time because smart employers always set apart some budget for employee training and you will be one among the lucky few who will get this training.

One of the best ways for a marketer to stand out and improve their career opportunities is to earn various professional certifications.