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How to Become Google AdWords Certified Professional?

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By Google insight search data, it is clearly understood that more number of peoples are looking forward for becoming Google AdWords certified professional. Based on the newly found search interest, this article has been to casted to show you how to become Google partner.

To become the AdWords certified experts, it is highly necessary to pass the AdWords basic exam and as well other advanced exams such as display advertising, mobile advertising and more. This certification will definitely help you brand yourself as the best PPC expert. But, always remember that passing exam alone doesn’t make you proficient instead learn more about digital marketing and as well start practicing.

In earlier days, it’s around 50$ to take the test but now-a-days it is free to take. If you fail in exams, you will have some time period to another test. The entire certification program has been re-branded as Google partners.

Google Adwords Certifications

How many exams do you want to take to clear Google AdWords certification?

You ought to take different exams to become Google AdWords certified professional. They are,

  • AdWords Fundamental
  • Search Advertising
  • Display Advertising
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Video Advertising
  • Shopping Advertising

To become professional, you need to pass 2 exams in which AdWords fundamental is compulsory. Before taking exams, have on-job experience and be familiar with online advertising concepts. Once you passed the exam, Google will help you to showcase yourself to the outside world.

How to prepare for Google Certification?

Here are few steps to cut down your study time,

  • The most easiest option among the five is the search advertising as it have huge overlap with fundamental exams.
  • Make use of the open book policy while undergoing exams.
  • Test yourself with sample questions and try to retain yourself.

Google offers both individual and company AdWords certification, try to understand the basic distinction right out of the gate. Yes, the next thing is to prepare for the exam, for that you would need a study guide. The study guide for all these exams will be available in Google support page. Have a glance with quite high memory power, then there is a great chance for you to pass the exam easily.

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