Nowadays, Email Marketing is one of the powerful marketing channels. Despite the growth of social media across the past years, email is 40 times more effective at getting new consumers than Facebook or Twitter. It also assists you to market your products and services with the use of the email channel for making a profit and achieving your goals. So, without an efficient email marketing strategy, businesses will meet challenges in actually reaching and engaging subscribers.

In this article, we have gathered the best email marketing strategies that you can use to get excellent results through email marketing.

Let’s take a look at the essential email marketing strategies to drive better results.

Email Marketing Strategies

1. Personalize Your Emails

Personalization means that you utilize consumer data to create a personalized message. Personalizing emails with the client’s name may work upon you according to research.  Besides, it will increase the engagement and make your emails more relevant and useful to consumers. Moreover, the personalized emails deliver 6x higher transaction rates, however, 70% of brand do not utilize them. If you do not personalize your marketing emails, you will miss a number of sales opportunities.

2. Use Effective Call-to-Actions

A call-to-action is the button or link you place inside your email that requires customers to purchase your product or start a free trial. CTA is one of the essential components when you create an email marketing campaign. Your CTA need be appealing to your email subscribers. Moreover, conversion, revenue, and profit all these rely on the effectiveness of your call to action. Furthermore, using the effective CTA is one of the vital email marketing strategies that are sized suitably and stands out on the email.

3. The Long and Short of Subject Lines

A powerful subject line sparks interest and creates awareness of the email’s content. According to Adestra report, subject lines with 60 to 70 characters will increase in click-throughs or email open rate. Although, the main objective of a subject line is to attract recipients to open the message, and to click through the email. Therefore, the marketers refer to this as the “dead zone” of subject length. As per the research, which tracked over 900 million emails, there is no improvement in either open rate or click-throughs at this 60-70 characters of a subject line.

4. Use A/B Testing To Optimize Click-Through Rates

Whether you test your site’s home page, landing pages or email templates, A/B testing gives us data to make practical decisions that will increase our marketing performance. When we talk about email A/B testing, we are referring to creating many variations of either the subject line or body content. Hence, don’t send any emails without testing to ensure it works.

5. Segment Your Subscribers

Segmenting your email lists benefits you get better open and click rates. Although, the segmented email campaign earned a 94 percent open rate and a 38 percent click-through rate. The best way to get small business owners to convert to your event would be to create a segment of people. If you have 1,000 people subscribed to your email lists, most of them have several needs and interests. Likewise, if you have a social media marketing blog, some subscribers would be interested in understanding Facebook than Twitter.

6. Don’t Rely On Automation

Trigger-based emails are emails which are sent out automatically depends on user behavior. Email automation is an imperative ingredient of every great email campaign. But this does not mean you should depend on it. The data behind trigger emails reveals us that trigger emails deliver much better than traditional email. You need to be utilizing it to eliminate the difficult processes that come with creating an email marketing campaign.

7. Write Inviting Welcome Emails

When the user subscribes to your email list, you need to welcome them with an inviting message. Although, the welcome message is like the first impression of how you will treat them via emails. If you don’t treat them amazingly fit the first time, you risk getting ignored when you start sending messages. Besides, you should make your welcome message have an enduring impression on new subscribers.

8. Ensure Your Mail is Optimized for Mobile

Mobile friendly emails are getting the world by storm so that your mass messages should be mobile-device ready. It needs a diverse approach when related to that of traditional email design. According to the research, 36% of B2B companies have optimized their email marketing campaigns for mobile devices observed an overall improvement to their email performance. If your emails are not mobile-friendly, you will miss the chance to engage your subscribers and drive better results.

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Hence, these are the essential email marketing strategies to drive better results. Email marketing advances to deliver results. So, you must send targeted messages that are personalized, and optimized for various devices. Therefore, using the above-mentioned email marketing tactics will help you to improve the numbers of sales opportunities.

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