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Facebook’s New Interface Update- Every Digital Marketers Must Know!

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Last updated on July 11th, 2020 at 01:41 pm

Facebook is one of the biggest social networking platforms used by many users. Furthermore, it is rapidly gaining its popularity in terms of total users and bringing heavy traffic to the online business. So, if you are already an entrepreneur or planning to start a new online business, it is crucial to know the New Facebook Interface update.


30-min summary:


  • Facebook plays an important role when it comes to marketing any digital business on Social Media platforms. 
  • But, recently, Facebook bought a major redesign for all its users. It is a complete shift in how Facebook looks and works on desktop and mobile.
  • So, in this article, you will learn what is the “New Facebook” update and how to enable Facebook’s New Interface.


In Facebook’s history, there occurred only four major redesigns.


The recent one is FB5, is also known as the “New Facebook”, which is most welcomed and much-needed update, even if it’s jarring.


So, without delay, here’s everything you need to know about this new Facebook Desktop Interface.


What is the “ New Facebook”?


After the CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the redesign at F8 2019, Facebook primarily begins to test it with users outside of the company last October


Then, at the start of the year, Facebook then rolled out the new redesign to a “small percentage” of users. 


But, as of last month’s report, it is determined that the “majority of people on Facebook” had the option to enable the new interface. 


Further, the new interface update will provide large importance on Groups as well as Events. This is because these two are the major reasons people visit Facebook on a regular basis. 


Eventually, the new update also states that the News Feed in Facebook will be less featured in the “New Facebook”.


So, if you’re still using the older facebook, get tuned to the new Facebook update, that provides you simplified navigation with a top bar that allows easy access to the website’s home, watch, marketplace, groups, and gaming pages. Further, it gives a modern look for future generations.


On the other hand, Facebook also says that this new Facebook update as a cleaner design, with more of an all-white look and even a dark mode option.


What’s New in the New Facebook Interface Update?


White Design:


Visually, Facebook’s redesign is popular throughout the desktop and mobile apps. It is cleaner, brighter, and giving a more modern look to Facebook users. 


Dark Mode:


Like most redesigns, Facebook’s new desktop interface can also seem to be hard at first, especially if you have a high-resolution display.


Besides, if you don’t like an interface with a bright look, you will start enjoying facebook’s new dark mode.  Today having dark mode has become a huge trend. Hence, Facebook has decided to offer its own dark mode feature for desktop as well as to iPhone users with this update. 


Moreover, if you are reading this blogpost through mobile phone, log into your Facebook account. You’ll also notice in the new Facebook update, the company’s signature blue tone no longer decorates the top navigation bar. 


To build a dark mode into mobile phones and websites, Facebook squeezed the blue design element. If you want, you can also enable the feature through a toggle located in the drop-down settings menu. 


News Feed and Groups:


One of the major changes to the new Facebook is the News Feed. Today, Facebook is growing down on group communities and private interactions and has proved that we can expect a major interruption in consuming content from Facebook in the coming days. 


Friends and family are the core of our social lives. So, from now, the Facebook Groups will be prioritized and surfaced more to you.


On the other hand, it also does not mean the News Feed is completely dead. Press imagery for the “New Facebook” still gives you a stream of status updates. 


Facebook also said the Groups Tab has been overhauled to help users find new groups easier that they might be interested in. 


The feed for groups will also follow up recent activity within the group where you are a member of and may even replace the News Feed as the default feed. 


Therefore, you will also look at more connections among groups and the Facebook features you use the most, such as Marketplace or Facebook Watch.


Facebook also launched other new features, events, and for specific communities, live Chat for Gaming Groups, and interaction enhancements for Facebook Live and those who use Facebook for buying and selling purposes. 

How to Enable the ‘New Facebook’ Interface?



Now Facebook is letting people try out its “New Facebook” from a desktop. So, just log in to Facebook on your computer.


Once you logged into Facebook, click on the down arrow which is at the top-right corner of the interface, and then select the “Switch To New Facebook” option. The web page will start getting refresh and the new interface design will begin to load.


Once after loading the new Facebook design, first, there appears a welcome message. 


Facebook also claims that the new redesign gives a faster loading time, cleaner look, and a bigger text for users


Besides, the social media network also now includes a dark mode that you can enable whenever you want to hide from the brighter light.



To use the “New Facebook” on your Android or iOS device, you just want to make sure whether you are having the latest version of the Facebook mobile app. 

How to Turn on Dark Mode in New Facebook?




When you switch into the “New Facebook”, you will be automatically brought to the all-new look and displays a card detailing the changes. 

Then, as per your choice, you will be allowed to choose the dark mode. On the other way, you can also enable the dark mode by going to the Settings menu to toggle on dark mode. 



However, Facebook hasn’t officially announced dark mode for iOS. It is started to appear for some iPhone and iPad users.


So, to enable the dark mode in your iOS device, Open the Facebook app, then click on the Menu tab on the bottom menu, and scroll down and click Privacy and Settings. 


A toggle for Dark Mode will appear on the screen, click on it to enable the new dark mode.

How to Revert to Facebook’s Old Interface?


Once you’ve enabled the new interface, and if you are not satisfied with that.  You can always revert the change from your Facebook account’s front page.


To do this, tap on the down arrow in the top-right and then choose “Switch To Classic Facebook.”


Bottom Line:


So, this is all about Facebook’s New Interface Update. If you’re a digital marketer, mastering Facebook marketing is a must for any brand that wants to succeed in 2020.


You would be familiar that Facebook holds a huge audience. According to Facebook.com, it is reported that 2.4 billion people use it every month.


If you’re looking for Potential customers to your business, then focusing on Facebook marketing strategy is the only way to lead a successful business.


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