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Google AdWords Training Program is one of the certification courses we offer at DMC. It is also a part of our Digital Marketing Training!

What is Google AdWords?

It is an online advertising platform that helps you to display ads on Google’s search & display networks. Getting trained in Google AdWords from an institute like DMC will help you become a Google AdWords certified professional. And, it opens up various opportunities to improve your career.

Why Google AdWords?

AdWords is quite an efficient way to generate traffic to a website. It can also cost you lumps of money if it’s not set or managed properly. Hence, you need a correct training on how to use and manage Google AdWords tool, how to test strategies to improve your ad performance to get the most from every rupee spent on advertisements.

Who can Learn Google AdWords?

You don’t need to have any skills prior to learning Google AdWords. The training is best suited for anyone who needs help with AdWords account creation and management, run a business successfully on a given budget and increase traffic and customer at lowest cost and higher ROI. This course is also beneficial for corporate companies as we not only teach them achieve goals, but skill-up their team for the betterment of their career.

Google AdWords Training Program by DMC:

DMC’s Google AdWords Training will help you learn everything right from the basics of landing page creation to advanced level of advertisements for eCommerce stores. If you are already using AdWords then you will be learning about how to optimize the existing campaigns and improve the CTR while keeping a minimal CPC by looking into the loop holes and adjusting the ad copy, landing page experience and quality scores – all of which contributes for the performance of an ad and you will be losing lots of money if not set properly.

You will also be learning how to leverage ads using ad extensions, call features, targeting mobile users with special features.

Topics Covered in Google AdWords Training:

  • Fundamentals
  • Search
  • Display
  • Shopping
  • Mobile
  • Video

On completion of the training, you shall take up the free online exam by Google and by passing the Google AdWords exam, you can earn a Google Partner badge as well in case of agency.

Also, Google has supporting communities and free lessons developed and maintained by experience AdWords users and experts working at Google.

At DMC, it is quite simple! You may learn everything about preparing for AdWords campaign, ad groups, setting up text ads, display campaigns, conversion tracking and optimization, remarketing and more concepts with practical live project training.

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If you are more keen on generating paid traffic via PPC advertisements, this Google AdWords training program will help you grow higher and makes you an expert Google AdWords Professional. To get in touch for more details, call +91 9025500600.  

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