Google Pigeon Update: Another Local Search Algorithm for Google Web Searches

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All about Google Pigeon Update – Google the search engine giant, recently launched latest update for local listing and map! search results. This new algorithm highly concentrates on providing relevant, more useful and accurate local search results for users search queries.

Impact of changes will be drawn in Google Map search results and Google web search results. Unofficial name for this update is “Pigeon”.

The business owners can notice changes from increasing or decreasing web site referrals, leads, and business conversion. According to Google this new local search algorithm looking in-depth of web search capabilities, along with different search features such as knowledge graph, synonyms and spell correction and many more.

Also Google stated that, this algorithm can help to improve the distance and location ranking parameters.

This new algorithm currently rolling out in US English based search results that aim to offer useful and relevant information to the customers those seeking in local results. But Google don’t even share the full details about when it will be rolling out in other country languages.


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