Google’s New Solar Powered Drone

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Google’s New Solar Powered Drone


Google is going to launch its new solar-powered drone program officially, which is called Project Titan by sending its first fleet in the sky in this year.

At Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona, Google’s senior VP Sundar Pichai who oversees the Google Apps, Android, and Chrome stated that, the company is currently working on 3 programs aimed to connecting 4 billion people in the world without the Internet access currently.

He said Project Titan will fly a lightweight Solar powered airplane, which serves as a remote satellites. This Titan has been acquired by Google in 2014, these drone will supply connectivity in certain areas. Areas affected by natural disasters can also get connectivity using this solar drone.

Pichai said project loon was crazy idea, and those balloons are bigger in size. Project Titan is in the stage where  project Loon was two years ago.  Project Blank was started one year ago by Google, it’s a third program and its aim is to bring connectivity to rural and urban area in the world.  Pichai said, Google is building a fiber network and work with local providers to provide 4G Services around the world.

He finally concluded that, big companies like Facebook and it’s are planning to get more access to the web by people in remote areas is a strong and important step.


5 thoughts on “Google’s New Solar Powered Drone

  • Perrylib

    Thank you for the post, Google is keep on inventing new projects, solar powered drone will be very much useful for internet access for rural people as you said in this blog.

  • merlin

    Though many people immediately associate unmanned drones with military use,they have incredible potential to be used in a wide variety of peaceful and scientific applications. In addition to delivering supplies to disaster-stricken areas, drones could be used to gather information about things like weather and wildlife.

  • William

    Normal drones could be used to gather information about things like weather and wildlife but in this Article you have given details about Google’s solar drone, used advanced technology, such a great and useful product, Thanks for the Article.

  • Druv

    Blog details are good, Thanks for the post. solar-powered drone which can fly for up to a year before it requires maintenance.

  • AllenFab

    Thanks for the info, solar-powered drone that can stay airborne for an entire year without any need for maintenance.

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