How to Start a Career in Social Media Marketing

The Essential Tips to Start a Career in Social Media Marketing

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Last updated on September 26th, 2018 at 06:52 am

Social Media engagement is one among the prime focuses on thriving companies. They have a constant quest for a better know-how, to engage in social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc., in order to enlarge the scope of their brand and also to gain market share. This scenario gives ample chance for the talented to be hired by these companies and be innovative. In this article, we have listed some important tips and steps to start a career in Social Media Marketing.

The trend of using social media as a business tool is a recent development. Therefore, it is slightly difficult to hunt for people who have a strong profile in this stream of business. Alternatively, companies can hire you, if you have a general marketing background and the zeal and potentiality to take up a unique role in Social Media Marketing.

The following eight tips have been garnered from successful people who have taken up a career in social media marketing.

Confirm Your Career Choice

Social media careers tend to be one of independent, unordered and ever-shifting. You will have to keep yourself up-to-date on the recent trends in technology in order to be successful on the job. On the other hand, if you are a person made for a steady and streamlined job then Social Media Marketing is definitely not for you.

Gain Awareness

Brush-up on factors of technology such as, what programs and applications would tone your skills. For example, you can touch up a little on HTML or on how to work with CMS. Familiarizing yourself with the commonly used terminologies and languages pertaining to the respective sector will be of a great help. Browse through few social media sites of your niche and those that are popular and be thorough with at least 4-5 different sites.

Educate Yourself

Apart from formal training, there is also umpteen number of courses offered privately, like the IDM. Attending conferences on social media will also aid you in learning more and building new contacts. Moreover, getting attached to a social media expert will be of a learning curve for you.

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Learn On The Job

Many social media experts have found their career in social media marketing, after having worked in a different discipline for quite some time. Similarly, you can venture in this role if you have awareness and experience in streams such as marketing, journalism or advertising. You can explore your new role in social media marketing with any of your prior experiences.

Demonstrate Your Passion

You need to have a great passion for new communication technologies and work with the right hope that these technologies will be capable of transforming things. You have to end up being a strong advocate for social media and its values, whether you are working in a corporation, start-up or in a family-run business.

Build Your Personal Brand

Despite already having an online presence by being popular on networking sites, as a professional, you have to now create contents that lure customers to your brand. This is personal branding.

Grow Your Network

Having a strong base of skilled professionals, industry experts and peers in your network will be a boon for you in improving your social media skills. This will also attract more contacts and strengthen your network base. While most of the sites manage your relationships, it is also essential for you to attend seminars, webinars, workshops, and events in order make your presence felt.

Offer Your Skills For Free

Sharing fosters growth and expansion. Your proficiency will be enhanced upon putting your theory in practice. Try skill-training few of the SME’s you know, on social media analysis. Collaborating with your friends’ business can add value to your practical knowledge. If you are presently, working in a big marketing department, you can volunteer by imparting your skills for your department in the area of social media.


So, these are the important steps to start a career in Social Media Marketing. Learning Social Media Marketing would be a great start for your social media career. Nowadays, most of the companies investing their marketing budget in social media marketing will lead to the creation of more career opportunities in social media marketing. Moreover, getting certification in social media marketing is more beneficial to start a career in this profession.

Start Your Career in Emerging Social Media Marketing.

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