Mobile Friendly Email Marketing Tips

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Last updated on December 3rd, 2019 at 06:57 am

Mobile Friendly Email Marketing Tips


Researches have been shown that around 60% of the mobile market has been penetrated over the past few months and will bloom tremendously in the near future. Let us see some mobile friendly email marketing tips for the current marketing world.

We may call it as “mobile revolution” and the usage of smart phones is being consistently increasing. Research in the UK says, nearly two out of three people owns a Smartphone.

Considering email as the top activities on the latest smart phones apart from browsing and Facebook, there is a huge opportunity in reaching out people with email marketing messages through the devices they use.

Majority of the emails are not optimized for Smartphone as the mobile viewing and interaction are not much optimized for the users. As the subscribers are forced to zoom the screen and view things it just become a frustration to check marketing emails on Smartphones.

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But there are chances to recreate it. The future of mobile-friendly email marketing is not so far. Following are a few mobile friendly email marketing tips that can ensure your email campaign a successful one for mobile devices:

Earning Subscribers Trust:

The sender information is the first and fore-most important thing. When you get a mail your eyes will first see the “From Name”. If the subscribers could not recognize the name of the sender there are only less chances to open the message. So, earning the customer’s trust is always vital thing.

Subject Line:

Next to the From Name, people used to view the subject line in order to get brief what the mail is all about. This can only be viewed easily in the subject line. When the audience does not know the sender, a compelling and interesting subject line can inspire them to take a look at the mail without deleting it.


It is the text that is placed above the header image. Especially on smart phone it is the first text that will be viewed like a snippet text. Try to use unique and innovative text in it instead of boring them with usual one. Make your text clickable and readable.

Call to Action:

This is very important not for mobile-optimized emails but also for general marketing campaign. Your main actionable theme must be big, bold and clickable links. People will most likely don’t go for links that are very small that are not easy for finger clicks. So call to action must be simple, clear and big.

Responsive email design with images:

User experience is very important regardless of the device. Though it’s not a new one, creating responsible designed templates for email is something that gives boon but as well it is not easy too. The Smartphones are getting viral and majority of the phones has advanced technology that displays images by default. So, making use of images for email marketing campaign will gain fruits to your business.

Hope you might have gained some knowledge on mobile friendly email marketing tips for your upcoming email campaigns. Good Luck!

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