Mozilla Launches Its Improved Version in Market

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Last updated on February 28th, 2018 at 12:35 pm


Firefox is one of the famous browsers which are used wide range of users in the world and it had waiting for major overhaul in its user interface.

Firefox team named this version as Firefox 29, and going to release on Thursday on sports a new Australia’s interface, and it is the largest interface changes introduced in the past years.

It is the changes comes after last year summer, during this in between days there is no other updates released and it will going to give highly improved experience for the customer.

One of the most notable changes going to happen in the Firefox is its Customization. All type of browser features can be rearranged within the interfaces meaning that those features you rarely use are going to be so prominent. Also number of tabs is increased so that you can open any number of tabs and no more guessing where are you from.

Stealing page or tab: if you want to make fun of your Firefox like in Google Chrome, Firefox allows you to transfer from one device to another device or another tab with help of sync future.

This new version has lot of cool features and bonuses for it users, but long term users can feel hard to adopt in the new format. It’s more likely to Chrome browser. So that system does appear less clunky and more visually appealing to their user.

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