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The Essential Reasons Why to Choose a Career in Digital Marketing

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Last updated on August 20th, 2021 at 05:39 pm

If you are planning to start a career in Digital Marketing, the first question to ask yourself is: why? You may have some good reason but in this post, we will explore some good reasons as to why Digital marketing is a great career option.

1. Easy to Learn

Learning digital marketing is not that quite hard. If you have a basic knowledge of the internet and English (reading and writing), you can easily learn the Digital Marketing concepts. The main areas of digital marketing are SEO, SEM, SMM, Content Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, Video Marketing, Mobile Marketing, etc.

2. Digital Marketing Skills are in High Demand

Marketing is definitely the most important function of any business. Although some may disagree with me, I believe that most of the marketers, as well as entrepreneurs, will agree with me.

Product development is definitely important but without understanding the customer needs and without communicating the benefits of the product, no product can be sold. No product team can survive without the proper marketing of the products.

If you spend on Finance, HR and other operational departments there is no direct or immediate ROI. Marketing and sales are the only functions in business that gives immediate and direct ROI. The market is the one who turns the wheel. And this is an exciting place to be in.

3. High Salaries

In the IT industry, digital marketing is one of the much sought-after skills. Moreover, every business and organization needs digital marketing for promoting and increasing their sales & services. If you really have an in-depth understanding of Digital Marketing, you will be paid well. According to the average pay for a Digital Marketing Manager is Rs 463,602 per year. And the pay scale will differ based on your expertise.

4. Your Marketing Experience Will Help You Start Up

Anyone can develop a business or a product if they have money to invest. People raise capital from their savings, inheritance and through investors. But if you don’t know marketing then it is impossible to build and scale a business and you cannot hire a person and ask him to market.

Most of the CEO’s I know have a marketer in them. People with good marketing skills end up building great companies than people with no or less marketing skills. Gaining experience is digital marketing will land you a good job but it will help you even better when you start up your own business.

If you dream of being an entrepreneur after being an employee for some time then Digital Marketing is one of the best profession to be in.

5. Digital Marketing is Challenging & Unpredictable

Digital marketing is not for everyone because some people cannot handle the ups and downs that come with marketing. When you start a campaign it is not a perfect one from the beginning. It is just an experiment. It could either fail or succeed! If you find out what works then you can really scale it up but one cannot find this without a proper experiment.

The work of a digital marketer is either predictable and you cannot expect it to finish it at a certain time because one month can just pass up without any result. You have to wait for that one campaign that succeeds. And you need to experiment till you get that one campaign which you can scale it up.

A developer can promise that he can finish an app in 3 weeks. A designer can say that he can finish a banner in a day. But a marketer can never say that he can bring x amount of traffic and Y amount of conversion in a specific time. If you can handle such an unexpected outcome then you are a great marketer, otherwise, marketing is not for you.

6. You will Get Placements Across the World

Once you have well-trained in digital marketing, you can get the job opportunities anywhere over the globe. Moreover, it has obtained popularity in the foreign countries like US, UK, and Australia. In digital marketing, you can survive anywhere and you can work for your client from everywhere. This is the great advantage of having a digital marketing career.

7. You will Get a Lot of Freelance Job Opportunities

In the digital marketing industry, you can find a lot of freelance job opportunities. Once you get the confidence in this domain, you will be work as a freelance digital marketer. Moreover, you can try freelancing job for SEO, SMM, PPC, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, etc.

8. Programming Skills are Not Required

In digital marketing, there are no particular programming skills or qualifications needed.   Everyone can learn digital marketing through online or any other digital marketing institutes. Nowadays, there are numerous training institutes provides digital marketing courses through online and classroom training.

9. It will Help You Begin Your Own Career

In the traditional marketing, you must wait for the right opportunity to get the experience you want. With digital marketing, you can get the opportunities through your own efforts. If you want to become a well-known digital marketer, start a blog, build your own social media presence, start a YouTube channel, participate in online conversations. There are ways to reveal yourself as a digital marketer.

10. It will Let You Explore Different Sectors

As a digital marketing professional, you will get the freedom to explore the industry you want to. From education to fashion, or from health to entertainment, there is a great demand for digital marketing in every sector. Besides, there are different job roles you can pick from – SEO specialist, PPC specialist, content marketer, social media marketer, email marketer, affiliate marketer, etc.


The above-mentioned reasons will clarify your doubts on why to choose a career in digital marketing. I hope this article gave you some idea of the role of a digital marketer and if you think that if you have what it takes then go for it. All the best!

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