Globally there are about millions of smartphone users, and it’s only increasing year after year, we have a huge market for the creation and purchase of apps. 

There are about four million apps that rank on the Apple App Store and Google Play Stores today; you just need to know strategies about marketing your app.

So that you can generate mobile downloads and engagement.

There are over 2.6 million Android apps in the Google Play store and over 2 million apps in Apple’s App Store, used by approximately 3 billion smartphone users worldwide, with these figures growing every year.

 Here are our 7 Strategies in App Store Optimization Guide (ASO) to boost your visibility and app ranking.


What is App Store Optimization?

App Store Optimization (ASO) are improvements on an app download page to help your app get visibility and invite more people to download it.

ASO’s primary focus is on the world’s two leading app store platforms: the Apple App Store (iOS) and Google Play Store (Android).

If you are just creating an app or already you have one on the market, ASO is crucial to stand out in the app market crowd.

ASO is not just a ‘one and done’ project, it needs your continuous attention and consistent update


7 App Store Optimization Strategies

There are seven basic principles to ensure that your app is optimized for the store.

Following these strategies will help you to market your app effectively, identify your competitors, and then take your app to the next level.


1. Use Relevant Keywords

Research the right keywords for your audience which is very essential.

You will need to know the right keywords that your potential customers are searching for and use the ideal keywords that your top competitors are using.

Match your keywords with customers’ needs and it will help them more easily to find your app on the app store.


  • Don’t use keywords unrelated to your app, it will decrease your ranking.
  • Use one form of a keyword (singular or plural).
  • Don’t use keywords that include the word “app” or your competitors’ names.


For analyzing keywords, start with Google Keyword Planner and slowly migrate to app store optimization tools.


2. Optimize Your Title & Description

Titles are the most important metadata used to get more downloads. 

Focus to write a title that is below 25 characters so the whole title will be visible on the app browse screen.

A title will also increase your downloads. Using your company’s name and top keyword will make your app easy to search.

After choosing your title, try searching for your app. If you find thousands of results, then your title isn’t creative enough.

The description must include many relevant keywords (without stuffing) in the first 250 characters.

After this initial description gives a “read more” click for the potential customer.


3. Include Compelling Icons & Screenshots

Compelling visuals can give you a place in the app market.

Choose an app icon that is easy to recognize your brand. You can also use different colors than your top competitors to eliminate confusion for potential customers.

The majority of people will look at your screenshots before they decide to download it, so don’t miss out on this.

We recommend you to use as many screenshots as possible to upload. 

Use a colorful template to make your screenshots look more professional. The text should not be your primary focus.

Include visual features showing how your app is more valuable than your competitors.

Always test your creative; screenshots & preview videos. This will create large impact on your ASO performance


4. Add Video

Create a video within your app’s page to increase downloads by 35%. 

This significant increase is more than your title (15%) and visuals (30%) optimizations.

Every increase in downloads will also increase your rankings.

Most of the people prefer to download an app within a few minutes.

So it is important to upload a video that showcases your app’s valuable feature.


5. Research Your Competition

Make sure to understand your competitors and their business strategy to be successful in your business, it is especially important in ASO. 

Before you add an app to the marketplace, you should find the best categories for your app. 

Factors to consider when you choose a category include: 

  • the number of competitors 
  • the number of apps updated consistently
  • how popular your category ranks (in downloads)


After adding your app to the marketplace, consistently keep monitoring the top performing apps in your relevant category. 

Check their ranking changes when they are adding a keyword or changing their metadata. 

Try every possible way to rank new keywords before your competitors.

You should also track competitor’s similar purpose, app features, and even apps that are simply your chosen keywords. 

You should be able to narrow your top competitors down to five simple factors to effectively manage a consistent ASO routine.


6. Build Backlinks

To build the best backlinks, your app should be linked on various websites relevant to your app and has authority in Google’s current algorithm standards. 

Backlinks can be in either text or image form using the ALT (ALTernative text) tag. 

The effectiveness of backlinks with regards to ASO is based on that quality vs. quantity for creating successful backlinks.


7. Drive Traffic (and Downloads) to Your App Store Page

You must have SEO optimization on your website to host your app information that will drive traffic directly to your app store pages.

This website can also help your app to rank on Google, make sure to enable that simple web search for another option to find and download your app.

You can also opt for paid app advertising to drive more traffic to your apps — such as Apple Search Ads (ASA) or Google Universal App Campaigns (UAC).

“You should leverage your ASO learning’s to support your paid media efforts to make your money work harder”


Why should you learn the App Store Optimization Strategy?

You can’t master ASO overnight.

However, you should spend time each day working on your app store optimization checklist; you will surely enjoy your progress.

After you are happy with the traction your app receives, you can venture to promote your app with paid advertising to take benefits of ASO and increase your app’s market value.



  • Why is ASO important?

The Importance and Benefits of App Store Optimization (ASO) to Mobile Marketers.

If you have a desire to increase the visibility of your app to relevant users on the app store, resulting in increased downloads, but yet don’t want to spend huge amounts of money on marketing techniques then ASO is your new secret weapon.


  • How do I learn ASO?

  • Use a Descriptive Title.
  • Use Keywords Wisely.
  • Describe Your App Well.
  • Use High-Quality Screenshots.
  • Add an App Preview Video.
  • Pick the Right Category.
  • Focus on Icon Design.
  • Encourage Positive Reviews.

Wrapping it up

App Store Optimization is an ongoing process, thanks to evolving ranking algorithms and the competitive nature of the app stores.

A successful ASO strategy requires experts, proper analytics, and regular check-ins.

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