Top Questions to Measuring Your Social Media ROI

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Last updated on December 3rd, 2019 at 06:53 am


Here are some top questions you need to ask yourself to measuring your social media ROI

Do you think retweets and sharing doesn’t add the value to your company’s name and it’s totally waste of time? No. In last few years social media plays wider role in our day to day life. Recent survey noted that, 80% of the people using social media to share their thoughts and connecting with people.  These social media also helps to develop our business and can able to create brand awareness and increasing ROI to the business people.

So when we are going to utilize social media to improve our business we have to know what is our ROI on investing our time and money in social media. Here the few questions when you involved in measuring ROI for your business.

What is the easiest way to measure social media success?

Tracking the number of website conversion rate that comes to your social media accounts using the classic website is the efficient way to gauge your social media marketing ROI, to do this business people should use Google analytics to calculate ROI. This tool helps to track number of visitor comes from your site from social media.


How can I track conversions?

Before entering into the Google analytics you have to set your goals for your company’s social media sources to get conversions. These conversions can be a lead, sale, subscription to your business e-newsletter, or some specific action to increase your visibility on social media. Social media conversion data can be found in the Google analytics by get into the traffic sources. Google provides detailed detail instruction to the guide users.

How can I leverage the social media to capture to grow my business?

There is no proper method to get convert your Social Medias like Facebook share and twitter followers into the increased conversion of your business. Only way to convert your social media in the right direction, you have to concentrating on them. For example if you advertising social media channels on Facebook and getting 15,000 likes to your ad means then you  should encourage the user to visit your website, then only you can able to get more profit via your social media.

What are the important metrics to keep watching?

The top most metric to keep watching is number of followers you attract and keep along to the lead and cost per acquisition. One famous quoted about these one is “remember that it’s a number game, social media size does matter to get more sales to your business”

Shall I hire someone to measure social media ROI if I’m busy?

We have free analytics tools like Google analytics and URL builder to calculate ROI in easy and fast manner by our own, then there is no really need to hire someone or do our task. If you want to hire someone, then don’t waste your time with searching do it quickly.

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    Yeah! It’s very easy to calculate social media ROI. But I think your questions are exact as it explains everything in detailed manner. Great strategy, keep it up!

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