Web Design Trends that Suits For 2014

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Last updated on December 3rd, 2019 at 06:54 am

Web-Design-Trends-2014Every day design trends are changing according to the changes in the online marketing strategy. Here is the simple look at what are all the designing techniques that will have impact in the web developers at the year of 2014.

Latest Web Design Trends:

Flat but Not Fat

Flat designing is the most famous designing trends for most of the designers in the world. It is the best replacement of skeuomorphism, where the gradients, shadow dropping creates chunky 3D effects. Saturated blocks of bright colors, focus upon the typography and simple icons are now applauded. Flat design will gain more popularity in the year of 2014.

Less Is More

Flat design itself shows simplicity of honor. Less on the page is far more appealing to the user. It makes web pages content much easier to digest. In the upcoming days clutter elimination from the blank page to webpage will have more importance in the New Year.

Responsive Reach

Increasing number of smart phones and tablets user makes the web page to be more responsive nowadays. Impact on design has a major influence in changing trends. Simplified site that contains large button and touch friendly are great demand in these days. The year of 2014 will become more responsive to the users.

Power of Parallax Design

This year will get more booming in the parallax design, long pages that have cool effects with different layers of the page move at the different times at different intervals. These pages not only stunning and it encourages user to scrolling exploring their content. Key elements like headers and social media made as sticky to follow the user and makes them feel more prominent.

These are all the most important trends that will have big impact in the year 2014.


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