Inbound Marketing Process – How to do it right?

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Last updated on December 3rd, 2019 at 06:43 am

inbound marketing process

If you are a newbie to digital marketing, you are little indistinct about inbound marketing. Each business requires some techniques of marketing. Startup and small business approach to inbound marketing process. So, Inbound marketing strategies are used to develop any business especially in SMEs and Startups. Inbound marketing is all about attracting customers via SEO, social media, and content creation. It is easy to create brand, promote and attract to start a new business.

Following are the inbound marketing process and how inbound marketing works effectively:

Develop a successful marketing strategy

Every marketer’s goal is to develop a marketing strategy that supports to build business and increase its product/service awareness. A perfect marketing strategy helps to define your idea and  easy to achieve marketing goals, Hence to describe the action you need to take  fulfill these goals. But, to develop your marketing process, it takes some time. So, You need to use there inbound marketing tools that will help you realize your business’s target and build a powerful credit for your products. You must identify the customers and develop your profile. First of all Try to find a new buyers and also continue your marketing strategy. Then to maintain relationships with your current customers. Utilize your market research to get to know the profile of the consumers and know their requirements. For profiles related to buying method, you should promote your product in the best way.

Create and maintain a powerful website

Before getting into a website creation and maintenance, you need to have a clear vision of creating a website. First choose a website developer, select your domain name and your address of the website. You also need to select a company logo, website template design, customize your website layout and media. After completion of the website, send the website to Live. These are essential terms to create a website and maintain it. Consider a website must portray a professional appearance and also support mobile devices.

Generate more traffic

Search Engine Optimization

ON page optimization and OFF page optimization is important to generate traffic. It helps to boost your organic result in Google. Write a content to your blog and select the best keywords. Invite others to guest blog on your site and try to guest blog on other’s websites.


The best way of attracting consumers is to advertise your website in social media, do paid advertising and display advertising. It helps you to easily promote your brand in front of visitors. Use Google, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for paid ads.

Social pages

Target your audience and participate communities, find which type of social page your customers use and join to connect with them to promote your website/brand. One of the best ways to generate traffic to your website is to use social media communities to promote your website.

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Convert traffic into leads

Landing Pages

Landing pages are the best ways to convert content consumers into a lead. The purpose of content on websites is to provide information about the product. Very powerful landing pages work best with targeted traffic. Purpose of the landing page to is to get information and contact details of the consumer and is one of the best ways to convert traffic into a lead.

Notification Bars

Notification bars are on top of the websites. Internet users have been attracted to see the notification bars. One can put an email form in the notification bar itself, link to one of the landing pages from the communication bar.

Opt-in Forms Inside Videos

Visitors are less number of people what they see and do. Internet user continues watching video or skips step options there. This is reason why visual communication is important.

Convert leads into sales

Leads are not automatically turned into sales. Offer some discounts and provide gifts or freebies. Communicate with the customers and inform about your discounts, get feedback from customers and develop your FAQ page on your website. Be active on your website page and follow your customers on e-mail and phone calls.

Measure everything

Converting leads to sales is not the end. You must see the report of leads convert into customers. Measure your strategy on inbound marketing tools, view the difference of conversion ratio after increasing your traffic again.


Nowadays, people are busy to communicate; and feel the Internet is the best place for communication. So the marketers are decided to follow the inbound marketing process. Hence a result of outbound marketing is lesser profit. It is the best time for the business of today convert to inbound marketing techniques and promote products in a proper approach. After which the leads are converted into sales with the help of word of mouth. We hope this article is useful to you!

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