Get to know the 5 D’s of digital marketing

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Marketing has been around us, from the day when people started selling things but officially it became a career choice in the early 1900s. Later, marketing turned into a discipline that is relatively new when compared to economics, production, and accounting.

Marketing is broadly defined as “activities undertaken by a company to promote the buying or selling of a product or service. Marketing includes advertising, selling, and delivering products to consumers or other businesses”.

Traditional vs digital marketing


In this digital space, consumers are relying more on technology and the internet. Some people use the internet for essential things including paying bills, buying groceries, and booking a vacation; and which is possible to do in their comfort zone, as people only need a personal computer, a positive bank balance, and a steady internet connection.

The increase in popularity of internet users presents a golden opportunity to students who are looking to kickstart a career in this digitized career path can earn a lucrative salary and job profile.

Traditional marketing

You have witnessed all types of advertising like billboards, flyers, and television ads in daily life. Traditional marketing refers to a promotion, advertising, or campaign which is followed by most companies for years, and that resulted in a huge success rate. 

Traditional marketing majorly follows these four methods for promotional strategies:

  • Print media: billboards, flyers, newspaper and magazine ads, etc.
  • Broadcast media: television and radio
  • Direct mail: catalogs and promotional letters
  • Telemarketing: make phone calls to potential customers for promoting products and services

Digital marketing

Large and small companies have shifted away from traditional marketing methods to use digital marketing techniques instead. 

Digital marketing uses more than one form of electronic media for promoting products or brands. It also uses different types of channels for analyzing marketing campaigns to learn what is working and what isn’t. 

It also differs from traditional marketing, as digital marketers use many digital marketing tools to monitor the campaign’s progress like products or services views, how often and for how long, sales conversions, etc.

While comparing traditional marketing with digital marketing, we can understand that digital has a bright future for aspiring students. The increase in internet users and the popularity of the web make digital marketing a successful career option in this ever-evolving world.

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The essential 5D of Digital Marketing


The 5D is a collection of opportunities that helps consumers to interact with the brands and targets the respective audience. Get to know the overview of 5D of digital marketing.

1. Digital devices

This device helps the audiences to interact with the brands through various digital methods. 

The various digital devices include: 

  • Mobile phones
  •  Laptops,
  • Gaming devices
  •  Television.

These devices help customers to stay connected with brands constantly.


People use their mobile devices more frequently than their desktop or computers. Research shows, In 2019, 67% of the global population owns a mobile phone and 79% of smartphone users make online purchases using their mobile phones in the last 6 months. Keep this in mind, while crafting your digital marketing strategy.

2. Digital platform

A browser works as a medium that helps to create interactions between brands and customers. 

Among digital platforms, social media is the largest and it has users more than half of the world population. Reports say that social media receive 950,000 new users each day.

Applications and browsers digital platforms include:

  • Google
  • YouTube
  •  Twitter
  •  LinkedIn
  • Facebook


Search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo are where the customers’ buying journey starts. People use search engines to know more about their problems and also search for a solution.

3. Digital media

This refers to paid, and owned communications channels which helps to build engagement with the target market using several ways includes,

  • Advertising emails
  • Messaging
  • Search engines
  • Social networks.


With digital media like Email, businesses can share new products, new launches, sales and many more. You can also use social listening, which is vigilant across social media and as people reply to posts mentioning the brand name.

4. Digital data

This consists of customers profiles and engagement patterns with businesses. Collect data about consumers, which gives u the insight on their interest, and curate their buying decisions for promoting. This data is used for cross-selling, Improving user experience, and increasing customers buying rate. This analysis also helps to promote new products and its use cases.

Here are some of the ways to collect this data digitally such as:

  •  Website contacts form
  •  POS
  •  Contests
  • Surveys,
  • Event sign-ups
  • App installation 


Data collection helps you to store and analyze information about customers. With this information database, it helps you to re-target and future marketing. 

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5. Digital technology

These are electronic tools, systems, devices and resources that help to generate, store or process data. For example, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, virtual reality, big data and Internet of Things. It focuses on building interactive experiences across various platforms.

Artificial Intelligence helps businesses to collect more data about their audience. Then, they use these data to offer:

  •  Predictive search
  •  Chatbots
  •  Recommendation engines


Companies use digital technologies to offer better user experience and for promoting themselves better. 

Guide to 5D digital marketing

A guide to digital marketing will help you step by step to build a good marketing strategy with the help of these 5D’s of marketing.

  • Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization is the core of a digital marketing service that builds great marketing content. It enhances the technical configuration and also increases the website scope. 

This SEO enables content for websites to get a good ranking in the search engines. This will attract more visitors to your website. The On-page and Off-page SEO services will help you to build a strong marketing strategy. 

  • Content marketing

Content is always the king of marketing. If you are looking to enhance your website marketing skills, and create the right content. It can help you to build the right marketing strategy. It also helps businesses to stay connected with the customers, interact, and brand awareness and lead generation. 

As a digital marketer, you can do this with the help of digital devices and digital content. You can help businesses to reach out to consumers with the ease of digital technology. This useful information helps you to achieve your career with better customer insights.

  • Social media marketing


Social media marketing is the best way to enhance the 5D of marketing. Digital platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram are digital platforms that can help you to market the right content. In order to increase brand awareness for your clients, you can use social media marketing.

  •  Email marketing

This helps the companies to communicate with the audience through email. If you wish to make a strong career in digital marketing, focus on Email marketing as it plays a major role in communicating with consumers. 

Email marketers help brands and consumers to communicate with each other constantly. It also helps businesses to promote brands, content, and events with their consumers.

To conclude: is marketing a good career choice?

Choosing a career is serious. After your studies, there’s a good chance that you’ll spend the rest of your professional life working in your chosen industry. The digital marketing sector is indicated as one of the important trends along with the finance and business industries.

Fortunately, Digital marketing is an ever-changing industry with an ongoing demand for skilled professionals. So, students have many opportunities to establish their career life better in this field.

If you wish to get detailed information and know more about digital marketing, you can enroll in a Digital Marketing course.  

DMC provides a curated digital marketing course Training in Chennai that will help you to gain expertise in Keyword Planning, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, and Email Marketing. 

Best wishes!

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